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The Front Drive System is an electro-mechanically activated bidirectional overrunning clutch. When 12 volts of power are sent via the 4WD switch, the unit is activated to engage both front wheels instantaneously, whenever the rear wheels lose traction. The clutch also releases or overruns automatically the instant the rear wheels regain traction.  Because torque is transmitted to both front wheels, it is a “true” 4WD. The overrunning characteristics of this system allow for an on-demand 4WD engagement and steering ease

  • Acts like a locking differential when engaged, but like a open differential when cornering.

  • Offers positive engagement of both front wheel in forward and reverse as a differential package

  • Automatic engagement on the fly-no shift linkages required.

  • electric on/off (vehicle can be operated in 2wd or 4wd by the push of a button.)

  • Offers equal power transferred to both wheels on an axle regardless of traction, allowing positive back drive through both wheels. 

  • The self-contained locks and unlocks automatically providing the benefits of both an open and locked differential, depending on the ground conditions

  • Benefits include improved traction and easier operation and steering.

Features & Benefits


Ratio 3.82:1
Fluid Capacity 150ml (5oz) Mobil 424 or Mobil Fluid LT
Voltage 12 Volts
Input & Output Cover Bolt Torque 17ft. Lbs.
External Input Shaft Spline 22 Tooth
Internal Output Shaft Spline 22 Tooth

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